Universities are anticipating hardly any study delay in the first year, as that was the case last spring too. However, universities of applied sciences are showing more leniency: first-year students can take another year to obtain the BSA level.

bsa-bindend-studieadvies-nominaal-is-normaal-bas-van-der-schot binding study advice

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Universities not in favour of general relaxing of binding study advice

Because of the corona crisis, students at higher professional educational institutes do…


The biology student remarked that ‘a huge number of practicals, which are extremely important for our education, have been cancelled’. He suggested that the rest of the education is not as good as usual either, which is why he thinks universities should also ditch the binding study advice.

A lot more signatures are needed if the petition is to change universities’ opinions. So far, they are not even considering deferring the BSA, never mind cancelling it.

Last week, universities agreed with the Ministry that they would monitor the situation. It is possible that certain study programmes will alter their BSA. Moreover, if students are struggling due to exceptional circumstances, they can always request an extension for themselves.

Students UB Chris Gorzeman

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Dutch MPs vote to reconsider binding study advice

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