Due to corona, students have to take exams online. Still, master student Danai Bachari prefers to take exams on campus. “Because then you don’t have to worry about unnecessary things, such as whether people think you are fraudulent.” Student Christopher May does think that if you take an exam at home, you indeed have a ‘subconscious tendency’ to cheat. “The exam feeling isn’t really there at home. So you have no pressure to memorise everything,” he says. “I know someone who cheated, but still got a bad grade, so he wondered where it went wrong.”


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Technical failure

Law student Esther works as a student assistant and receives many questions and complaints about proctoring. “Mainly technical complaints. The system does not always work optimally, but you cannot prevent that completely. If someone’s internet connection drops, for example, we can’t do anything about it. That is very annoying for students.”

International Business student Emre Nazmiev has experience with such a technical failure. “Fortunately, it was only a bad connection.” His fellow student Hassan Bim Kamran was less lucky. “I almost finished my exam, but then the time was up and the system just automatically shut down before I could save my answer.”

The only benefit of proctoring that Christopher can think of is that you don’t have to write on paper. “Writing an essay is much easier when you work on your laptop.” Still, proctoring has a major drawback, according to Danai. “You are not allowed to go to the toilet during proctoring. If you have an exam for three hours, it is really impossible.”

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Het enige voordeel van proctoring dat Christopher kan bedenken is dat je niet op papier hoeft te schrijven. “Een essay schrijven is veel makkelijker als je op je laptop werkt.” Toch heeft proctoring nog een groot nadeel volgens Danai. “Je mag tijdens proctoring niet naar het toilet. Als je drie uur lang tentamen hebt, dan is het echt niet te doen.”