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ESL wants third term for dean Suzan Stoter

In an interview with EM, ESL dean Suzan Stoter says that the faculty has asked her to…

Suzan Stoter was appointed as Dean in 2013. She is now in her second term, and a third term is usually not possible. “This extension is an exception,” stated Rector Magnificus, Rutger Engels. He gave faculty stability during the coronavirus crisis as a reason. “Especially now, the Executive Board thinks it is important that we safeguard continuity within the faculty. We listened to the Faculty Council and made the decision to extend Suzan Stoter’s appointment by one year.”

Earlier this year, the Faculty Council had expressed the desire to extend Stoter’s term. The Executive Board indicated at the time that a third extension could only be given ‘in exceptional cases’.

Stoter herself said that her mission for the faculty is ‘by no means complete’. “The expenditure cuts have resulted in the faculty finding itself in serious financial difficulties,” explained Stoter in April. “This has now been exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis.” The faculty also did not come out well in the past three years’ National Student Survey (NSE).


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ESL dean wants to continue after second term: ‘You’re a dean for life’

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