Everyone is obliged to start wearing non-medical mouth masks on public transport. But how do you put such a mask on safely? Using UV hand lotion and a black light, Merve and camerawoman Fatima show what could go wrong.

Marissa Uljee, Infection Control Practitioner at Erasmus MC, explains how to handle a mouth mask properly: “Before putting on the mask, it is very important that you wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap, so that you put on the mask cleanly. A mask always has a top and a bottom. There’s an iron wire in the top, which you have to clamp tightly around your nose. Then you pull it behind your ears with the elastic band. Then pull it down thoroughly, so that the mask is not under your nose or above your mouth”.

“When taking off the mask, it is important not to touch it, except for the elastic bands. After you’ve removed it, you can throw the mask away or put it in a bag and don’t forget to wash your hands again!

How does a corona test work?

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During the corona crisis,  medical students are working in Erasmus MC’s intensive care unit, where many corona patients are treated. Every week Merve RousianBritt Hoeven and Jasper Klasen vlog about their experiences in the ICU. Overview of all episodes >>