To explain why we hold this opinion, let us look at what the event is all about. Every year, In Duplo organises the In Discussio conference for students, alumni and employees of Erasmus University. Our aim in doing so is to make a meaningful contribution to a topical subject of societal interest. This year, we chose to discuss energy transition. Therefore, the evening’s theme will be: Energy Transition: Full Steam Ahead or Slow Down?

Every year, we take a multidisciplinary approach to a particular theme. This year, too, we, the organising committee, tried very hard to find speakers from various backgrounds. Our list of speakers can be said to be highly diverse this year, since our speakers include politicians, scientists and members of the business community.

As mentioned above, we do not share the opinion that Mr Baudet should not have been invited; if societal debates can and must be held anywhere, it is at universities. Not inviting someone because his opinion differs from yours is inconsistent with academic freedom. For instance, such debates may touch on what has actually been researched by scientists and what has not. We believe the current line-up of speakers provides attendees with a proper diversity of perspectives with regard to energy transition, thus allowing everyone to make up his own mind.

We think it is unfortunate that such unfounded opinion pieces, without any citations, stir up exactly the kind of commotion the authors mentioned.

We are looking forward to today’s debate!

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