EM has moved house! Our editors can now be found in room HB-108, between the Theil Hall and the cafeteria of the Tinbergen Building. To announce our new headquarters to everyone, we are calling on all EUR students to pitch any stories they may have this Monday and Tuesday, and we will turn them into stories at once.


“Generally speaking, the week’s activities are mainly attended by members of debating societies from other [Dutch] student towns, but in the last few years, the event has become increasingly international,” says De Pater, a 23-year-old Econometrics student. For this reason, the debates have been held in English in recent years. De Pater hopes that this year’s event will attract even more students from other countries. “So we’re offering them the opportunity to stay overnight at our members’ places.”

Judged on arguments, not style

A debating competition will be held during the Debating Week, which will take place between 15 and 19 July. This means that two teams of two students each will debate two propositions, with judges awarding points for the quality of each team member’s contributions. “We mainly look at debaters’ arguments, and less at their style. Style is less important,” says De Pater. “This is because not everyone is equally fluent in English, and we do wish to give everyone a chance.” As a result, debaters will be judged less on eloquence, although it obviously helps if you are able to present your argument nicely.

Beginners will be given every opportunity to shine at the competition. “We will have people debate others who are at the same level. More experienced debaters can expect more complicated propositions on, say, economics-related subjects, but for less experienced debaters, it will be more about mastering the art of debating.” Participation in the event will cost €120, which will include a place to spend the night. If you have your own bed, you will be charged €100. For more information, keep an eye on the debating society’s Facebook page, where information will be posted as it becomes available.