Last July, the university closed off the entire square in front of the Auditorium and the Theil Building, as asbestos had been released in several places during the asbestos abatement conducted inside the air bridge. The company that was carrying out the removal activities withdrew from the project halfway through the job because of a bankruptcy. The university is filing charges against this company.

Ridderkerk-based asbestos removal company AOR took over the job, and the square was reopened in mid-August. However, it has now transpired that AOR has since found more asbestos. Unfortunately, it did so just before the company’s assignment was set to expire. As a result, a new tender procedure will have to be launched for the removal of the carcinogenic material, according to a EUR spokesperson.

Wrapped up

The Christo-like wrapping will remain on the air bridge for the time being, to protect the asbestos removal crew from wind and cold during the winter months. Van der Mandeleplein square will remain a little less accessible than usual due to the work being carried out.

The renovation of the bridge was supposed to be completed by May 2018.