Why did you choose this programme?

“Because as a child, I witnessed inequality between people, and discrimination. I come from a small city in Poland where there’s a huge gap between rich and poor. A direct result of this is that there is a lot of corruption. This resulted in my family being treated unfairly and that’s how I became interested in Law. Ten years ago, we moved to the Netherlands and that interest is still there today.”

 Why did you choose EUR?

“I chose EUR because the university is in Rotterdam. I also looked at Groningen and Amsterdam, but both the universities there as well as the cities themselves were much less appealing to me.”

 Are you planning to live in student housing?

“I won’t be renting a place because I want to continue living with my parents and younger sister. We don’t have any other family in the Netherlands and I feel it’s important to stay close to family. During the summer holidays, we moved to a larger house so it doesn’t make sense for me to move out and live somewhere else.”

 What are your expectations for your first year at EUR?

“To be completely honest, I don’t have any clear expectations for my first year at EUR. Naturally, the most important thing for me is pass all my courses without any problems this year. I don’t expect it to be difficult but it will be a lot of work. During secondary school, I didn’t get a lot of help from teachers, so I’m used to that. That was good preparation for university.”

What are your good – or maybe less good – resolutions in the first year of your studies?

“Creating enjoyable memories with my fellow students! I’d like to join a student association but I’m not sure if I’ll have time for that. But I have no problem going out during weeknights so that’s something I’ll be doing.”


This is Tirza den Hertog

‘I want to enjoy student life as much as possible’

This is Tirza den Hertog (17) from Nunspeet. She’s starting in the Medicine programme…