Neighbours frequently complain about noise nuisance from the student association house of RSC/RVSV. For this reason, the environmental protection agency of South Holland, DCMR, has told EM it has reminded the student association of its responsibility to adhere to regulations.

In order to limit the inconvenience caused, measures will be taken such as the use of limiters on its audio equipment and sound-absorbing panels behind the windows. In addition, the student association is no longer allowed to play amplified music on the patio. “The sound level in The Bikini currently is at the level of ‘background music’.”, says RSC/RVSV president Tobias de Lange.

Eureka week

“The noise level has already been examined”, De Lange continues. “Furthermore, we are speaking to a construction company to see which measures we can take to ensure better insulation for the building.” De Lange hopes that the work will be completely finished at the start of the Eureka Week in August, “but it is still too early to say whether that will be possible.”

DCMR will be monitoring the situation to see if the student association plays by the rules. The noise level will be measured on the facades of surrounding buildings. “If our measurements show that the noise level exceeds the limit and we know that RSC/RVSV is responsible, we will enforce regulations,” writes a DCMR spokesperson to EM. Depending on the severity of the violation, this may lead to the filing of a police report, withdrawal of the licence, or imposition of a penalty or fine.