On the newly launched website of Erasmus University, there’s very little information about the elections. The University Council page doesn’t even mention that the elections are taking place. And a search using the term ‘elections’ produces two articles: one announcement for a chat show about the German elections and one featuring the faculty council candidates of Erasmus School of Economics in 2013. The University Council Facebook page does announce the elections, but provides no information at all about the candidates.

After enquiring at the central election office, we learn that information about the candidates exists somewhere, but don’t ask where.

You want to know where? Follow these steps.

  • Log in to your ERNA account at eur.nl.
  • Then click on ‘Zoek services’ (Search services) in the widget ‘University Services’.
  • On ‘Zoekpagina’ (Search page), search for ‘elections’. From the results, choose ‘Medezeggenschap – Elections 2018’.
  • Scroll right down to the bottom.
  • Under Downloads, click on ‘Final list of candidates University Council Elections 2018’. A scanned document opens.
  • Distributed over this document, you can see who you can vote for per faculty. But potential voters only get an initial and a surname

That’s not nearly enough to base your vote on. From 18 April, more information will be available on the special website elections.eur.nl: most candidates have supplied a photo and a brief manifesto you can read. Until then, you will have to make do with this very scanty information, or follow candidates on Facebook, because that’s where most of them are campaigning.

Want to know now who you can vote for? EM has listed the candidates for you. You can look them up via the following links. Choose your faculty.

Elections are not taking place in all the faculties. The faculties that are not listed above have an equal number or fewer candidates than the number of seats they are entitled to in the council. You can vote on verkiezingen.eur.nl from 18 April.