Do you know why people have two eyes, who yelled ‘Eureka’, or how many calories are in a kapsalon? Then you (and your friends) may have what it takes to become The Next Erasmus.

Studium Generale and Erasmus Magazine are jointly organising The Next Erasmus: the premier annual pub quiz about academic research at Erasmus University Rotterdam. On Wednesday, 28 March, scholars will be asking the contestants a variety of questions via video clips and live experiments, with subjects ranging from genetics to pop stars.

You participate as a team, so get together with your friends (or the clever fellow student in your programme this year) and register tout de suite! Or drop by the Erasmus Pavilion, even if you don’t have a team yet. Make sure you have a fully charged smartphone with you, though, because the quiz relies on an online system.

Reporter Ferayed already put in some practice with students on campus. Do you know the answers to these questions? And be sure to take our qualification quiz too – then you’re all set.


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