Since the Polak Building was closed for safety reasons, Erasmus University students have once again experienced a great shortage of study spaces. The Young Socialists have now proposed that containers be installed in the Kralingse Zoom Park & Ride car park, in order to meet the demand for study spaces.

“For instance, the municipal authorities could temporarily install mobile units in the Kralingse Zoom car park. In the construction industry it is quite common for such units to be erected for a certain amount of time, to serve as offices or something like that,” suggests YS Chairman Martijn Morsink in a press release. Such units could then be used for the creation of study spaces. The Young Socialists propose that the Rotterdam municipal authorities arrange this.

It was announced last Friday that the Polak Building will remain closed until March 2018 at the earliest. Additional study spaces have already been created to meet some of the demand in the Sanders and Tinbergen Buildings, the Theil Hall and Siena, among other places.