Erasmus Magazine has organised the Burst-your-bubble mini-festival that will take place on Tuesday 22 August. At the Eurekaweek information market you’ll hear from scientists, columnists and students.

How do you find the best pubs in Rotterdam? Are wealthy people more anti-social than poor people? Why do adult women still scream when they see the Backstreet Boys? And what did student Job Zomerplaag encounter when he followed in the footsteps of the journey taken by Desiderius Erasmus 550 years ago? You’ll hear the answers to these (and other) questions on Tuesday.

Between 12:00 and 15:00 you can visit our silent science disco at the K.P. van der Mandeleplein and listen to live interviews, columns and thought-provoking tales of science. And of course there will be music. Or you can sit on a bean-bag chair and just chill out while you listen to the stories.