A list recently turned up on the internet describing the 23 ‘finest pieces of crumpet’ of the Groningen student association Vindicat, accompanied by their full names. Vindicat’s board says that it was shocked by the news.

The almanac, dubbed the ‘third edition of the Forthright Almanac’, includes photos of 23 women, including their full names, addresses and telephone numbers. “After all, 2016 is distinguished by its large number of fit fillies,” according to the introduction. The list purports to grade the young women’s bedroom performance with a number of stars behind their name.

‘Very unsettling’

The female students in question have had quite a shock, according to the Groningen blog Sikkom, which had been passed a copy of the list. Vindicat board member Fleur Ponne resolutely disowns the almanac. “This is very unsettling. It’s unbelievable that they actually included the students’ pictures and telephone numbers.” According to Ponne, there’s a good chance that the almanac was made by Vindicat members, but she can’t say for sure.

According to the national broadcaster NOS, the association will be launching an investigation. Vindicat plans to take ‘the appropriate measures’ against those responsible for the list. The association has got in touch with the 23 women in question. Many of them no longer dare pick up their phones for fear of harassment.

Members of the Labour Party (PvdA) have submitted questions to the Minister of Security and Justice. Among other things, the party wants to know if the matter has been reported to the police.