She was very enthusiastic at the idea of featuring on I AM. “Sure, why not?” said Demi. Demi Bartels is 19. A proud Rotterdam native, she is studying IBCoM and is currently completing her first year.


“I must say this, I adore sparkles. That’s what I look for in my clothes. I wouldn’t say I have a very defined style, but some things stand out. For example, I love comfortable clothing, like this baby blue vest I’m wearing today. It’s chilled and I like that. I mostly wear black. Well, I’m not today, but I usually do. Again, I like wearing lots of glitter. I have a lot of shirts and skirts with a sparkly detailing on them. I love those items, but I don’t wear them every day because I don’t want to be too over the top. My go-to item has to be a pair of black jeans or a glitter top and I love black boots as well. I don’t have a style icon and I don’t follow trends. I guess I do it subconsciously when I shop. I mean stores already select from the current trends and you can see the same kinds of clothes in the various stores. But, honestly, I don’t care about clothes that much.”

Nederland, Rotterdam, 10-05-2016Dit ben ik Demifoto: Ronald van den Heerik


“Something that’s really part of me is theatre. I love being in the spotlight. I like the creativity involved, acting different roles and expressing different opinions. Acting is something that gives me joy. At secondary school, I was part of a theatre group for eight years. I stopped acting when I cane to university, but it’s definitely something I want to pick up again.  There are several upcoming projects that will enable me to get involved in theatre again, so I’m following them really closely. It’s really exciting.”


“I’m a member of the SSR-Rotterdam student association, which is a big part of my life. Being part of it gives my student life a good balance between the more international side which I get through my studies and the more ‘Dutch’ side which is SSR. I love the international environment of IBCoM and EUR in general, though I know the majority of the people I meet there will leave the city or the country at some point. Through the association, I get to meet people from different studies and faculties. It’s great for networking as well. I was born and raised in Rotterdam and I enjoy being involved in the city. SSR allows me to do that through voluntary work and it’s also great fun.”