I hope you’ve made a full recovery from all the King’s Day festivals, because the May holiday (with all its attendant Liberation festivals) is upon us! This week Rotterdam nightlife offers a few special treats I simply must share with you. For instance, the Woudestein stadium hosts the Liberty Festival, several of my favourite Rotterdam DJs will be performing at Toffler, and Bar will give you the opportunity to lose yourself in awesome music.


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You wouldn’t pass up a free party, right? Least of all a free party thrown in the Rotterdam city centre where fabulous DJs will show off their skills. Bar will host such a cool party on 4 May, allowing you to dance until your feet hurt until 5 a.m. to the dreamy electro and semi-hard acid techno beats of Anthony Naples, Obermann and a genuine live set by Lauer. And you won’t have to worry about being hangover the next day, because the next day will be 5 May, which means you’ll get to, er, celebrate your freedom in bed.

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Liberty Festival Rotterdam Bar

If, like myself, you feel like really celebrating your liberty, I wholeheartedly recommend that you attend the Liberty Festival! Take a quick look at the line-up, featuring names such as Juan Sanchez, Cleavage and Wouter S, and you’ll know that this can only mean one thing: a day full of cheerful house beats. The festival will be held at the Excelsior football stadium (a.k.a. Woudestein stadium), so for € 12.50 you’ll get to party on a real Dutch Premier League pitch. And last but not least, here’s a message for those revellers among you who still believe in weather forecasts: the forecast says it will be a rain-free day with temperatures of about 17 degrees Celsius. Fine weather for a festival, if I do say so myself.

Toffler: Outback

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Toffler, a.k.a. the techno tunnel, will be the place to be on 7 May if you like this type of music and wish to support cool artists from your own city. The club may look like a tiny box on Weena-Zuid, barely able to accommodate fifty people, but don’t be fooled – the basement has a capacity of no fewer than 600 people! I don’t expect there to be a full-capacity crowd on 7 May, but thanks to personal Rotterdam favourites of mine such as Noneoftheabove, Emiel Zwart and AUXXUA, you’ll definitely have a fun and nicely crowded night. Entry tickets are only € 10, so you’d be mad not to go!

Source: soundcloud.com

Jeffrey Seij, 19, studies Public Administration at EUR, loves parties, festivals and the like. Over the next few months he will happily review and report on his party experiences, and will also provide monthly tips on the greatest parties thrown in Rotterdam.