You can’t have missed the caravan in front of the Spar. The holiday home on wheels is part the promotion for Health Business Week, which takes place on campus from 29 February to 4 March.

André Rouvoet

Health Business Week is being organised by the Faculty Association of the study Healthcare Policy & Management. This year the association is sparing no expense. The opening is not on campus, but in the stylish Zalmhuis. One of the speakers is former Minister André Rouvoet.

“Working in healthcare doesn’t sound very attractive to most students” explained Sanne Boersma, Chair of Health Business Week. “But that’s undeserved. There are lots of places you can work in healthcare, not just in hospitals. We’ll be demonstrating that during the week.”

Doctors without Borders

A good example of this is ABN AMRO, explained Boersma. “The ABN also provides loans to healthcare providers. The healthcare market is not really like other markets. You need healthcare knowledge for this, even if you don’t work in a hospital yourself.” As well as ABN AMRO, organisations including PWC, Twynstra Gudde, VGZ and Artsen zonder Grenzen will give lectures, masterclasses or workshops.

You can find more information about the week here:
Costs: 10 euro for members and 12.50 euro for non-members.