“I was actually rather annoyed that I was so attracted by the master in Rotterdam. It would have been so much easier if I hadn’t been. I could have stayed in Nijmegen, where I have my friends, my boyfriend, job and debating society. I chose my bachelor on the basis of location. I immediately loved Nijmegen. I wanted to choose my master on the basis of content.

That’s how I came to Rotterdam. I’d been there before, during a debating society weekend. Then my friends and I did touristy things. We went to the Markthal where we all got a linen bag. Funnily enough, the designer of the bags is based in Rotterdam, but also comes from Nijmegen. So this bag is a symbol for my move from Nijmegen to Rotterdam.

What I like about people from Rotterdam is that they are so proud of their city. They don’t feel better than other people, it’s just pure love for Rotterdam, and that’s what is so appealing. Obviously I do miss Nijmegen. That’s where my friends live, and my debating buddies and my boyfriend. I still go back on a regular basis. However, I wouldn’t change my decision. I’m really enjoying the master and this step makes me feel more Dutch. By moving to the other side of The Netherlands, one notices that even within a small country like The Netherlands exist cultural differences, which I think is quite charming.”