Since Thursday morning, a bag control has been introduced at the library and the Aula of TU Delft. This will be a random check, according to TU Delta, the journalistic medium of TU Delft.

The university won’t give the reason for the bag control. According to the notes on the coffee machines and at the entrance to the library, that bag controls have been introduced in response to a ‘received alert and are a precautionary measure.’ The university goes on to say that it assesses the risk as limited.

EM recently asked students whether the university should improve security. Read their responses here.


Update 14.52: The bag check is over. Apparently somebody wrote a message on the toilet door stating that a bomb will go off on the third of December. This is what Dutch newspaper the Telegraaf heard from anonymous sources. The spokesperson of TU Delft didn’t want to confirm nor decline this story.