This year, the Double Degree, the lifebuoy of the Faculty of Philosophy, had to attract at least 120 students. This goal was well exceeded.

Double Degree is the successor to Philosophy of an Academic Field, and focuses more on internationalisation and cooperation with other faculties. 208 students enrolled in this programme this year. “We expect this number to rise slightly, once all the administrative records have been updated,” says faculty spokesperson Ceciel Meiborg.

Business Administration shrinks

The trend is reversed in the Rotterdam School of Management’s bachelor in Business Administration. Last year, there were 760 students in the programme, while there are only 635 this year. “2014 was exceptional,” says RSM spokesperson Marianne Schouten. “Many students who had preferred to postpone studying for a year decided not to do so after all, mainly due to the abolition of the basic student grant. However, we have noticed a definite national trend in business administration. Everywhere you see a fall of around 20 percent. This is due to social developments and the labour market. But we are certainly not disappointed with these figures.”